Misterio - Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling this 20+ year old kitchen in a Mid Century Style home in SW Portland was tremendously fun and absolutely challenging! The client, a gourmet cook, was in absolute need of a re-do - new flooring, paint, cabinets, counters, appliances and the rest. She also had very specific storage needs for all of her pans, dishware, and other essential cooking supplies. This was all fine and to be expected with any gourmet kitchen remodel. However the real challenge was how to incorporate the absolutely beautiful and absolutely huge stain glass window…..Special considerations were, 1. The size (approx. 8’ w x 3’ h) and 2. how the colors drastically changed the look of the room throughout the day. It definitely took some extra time and finesse, but when all was finalized and installed, I think we nailed it!