6 Ways an Interior Designer Can Save You!

Hiring an interior designer sometimes feels like it’s a luxury only for the wealthy. While does feel luxurious, it is certainly for anyone who needs design help. More and more cost-conscious homeowners are choosing to go with a designer with their projects because they know, in the long run, it saves time, headaches, and yes, even money! Read on to discover 6 ways an interior designer can save you.


1) Saves you from costly mistakes

A wise approach to pulling a room or project together is starting with “the end in mind.” Let’s say your walls need a fresh coat of paint. Instead of just heading to the paint store and picking the trending new color, think about how the color will look with your floors, furniture and lighting in the room. You could end up with freshly painted walls, but without really pulling the room together.

Had you hired an interior designer to help you with an overall plan, you could have saved a lot of money on a huge undertaking. As an interior designer, I help you find your vision. Together, we’ll find what inspires you and I’ll create a plan of all the parts and pieces that will deliver a space perfectly designed for you and one you’ll love to be in.


2) Saves you time

We’ve all heard the term “time is money.” My goal is saving you time. It may seem easy to pick out tile, counters, cabinets and the finishing details, but it’s not. Design is about the thousand behind-the-scene details that take a lot of time to bring together. Time you could have spent with your family, your job, or doing the things that you love. It’s my passion to obsess over these things, so that you don’t have to.


3) Saves you future replacement costs

Designers have access to more resources than you do for paint, tile, furniture, cabinetry and counters . I’ve spend years builing relationships with experts in the design industry and I know the quality materials that stand the test of time, reducing the need to replace it after only a few years. By taking advantage of who and what I know, you’ll find the overall quality is well worth your investment that saves you money in the long run.


4) Saves you from having to know when to splurge and when to save

Not sure when to splurge on a high-priced item like art and when to save your pennies on less expensive accessories? I respect your budget and will work within yours. I know what pieces are worth more of your budget and what we can save on. Designers have that eye to bring the “splurges” and “saves” together to give you a high-end, high-impact look. I’ll help you cut back smartly so you have the budget for those one (or two) “must have” items.


5) Saves Money

Because of my long and trusted relationships with other building and remodeling experts, I have established trade accounts with manufacturers and stores that can give us discounts to true wholesale pricing. It is always my goal to share these benefits with my clients. As much as humanly possible, I make purchasing through us a win-win for you.


6) Saves You From Missing Out on Your Home’s Potential

My overall goal is to design spaces as unique and individual as the people who live in them. Your home should truly reflect your style. You will end up with a thoughtfully designed space that capitalizes on the best of your home’s architecture, character, and style, making it a place you’ll love and enjoy for years. And… it raises its market value, When you’re ready to sell, you can say you have a professionally designed home that will bring others joy as well!

Now that you’re totally convinced (wink, wink), let’s set up a time to chat. Just tell us about your home and we’ll get in touch! And seriously, don’t worry, there’s never any pressure. We’ll help you to determine next best step whether that means having us simply provide design guidance or go the whole nine yards and build out your space, We have no set agenda, we are dedicated to finding the best solution that fits YOUR needs.